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Belli Skincare Prescribed as the Leading Pregnancy Skincare Line


 On Wednesday, March 18, 2009 Belli Skincare, the world's safest skincare line available to address the specific issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies will be featured on the nationally acclaimed talk show The Doctors aired on CBS.  This groundbreaking series is hosted by four renowned physicians with different medical specialties – ER physician (and former ABC "Bachelor") Dr. Travis Stork; OB/GYN Lisa Masterson; cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears.  Known as the "Medical Dream Team," the doctors educate viewers on the latest medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge practices and procedures.


Hosted by Dr. Lisa Masterson, Tuesday's program will be the first ever "Women's Only" show marking a historic event for The Doctors.  Dr. Lisa  will be kicking the guys out and bringing in her own dream team of all-female doctors to talk all about the female anatomy including women's health during pregnancy.   From nutrition and diet to the physical changes moms-to-be will endure, Belli will be the premier and only skincare brand recommended to its viewers.  Dr. Masterson will lead the discussion on safe pregnancy skincare and specific ingredients that pregnant women should avoid. 


"We are thrilled that Belli is the #1 recommended brand by OB/GYNs and now, by the experts – who are leaders in own their fields - on an outstanding show like The Doctors," says Dr. Jason Rubin, Founding Physician & Medical Director of Belli.  "We are honored to be part of a platform that will help women become more educated and knowledgeable about their own safety and health as well as for their babies.  Our goal is to support and encourage new mothers, inspiring self-confidence and greater safety in both pregnancy and parenting."


About Belli

Most pregnant women know that what they put - or don't put - in their bodies is important to the health of their baby. But many pregnant women might not know that what they put on their bodies is just as vital.  Most of us slather on layers of lotions and creams every day, but we don't think about what might be being absorbed into our bodies through our skin. With a growing baby in your belly, this is a necessary concern.  There are many considerations one should take into account for pregnancy skin care products.  Specifically ingredients that one should avoid if they are concerned about safe pregnancy skin care.  Some products may contain ingredients that can potentially cause birth defects or fetal abnormalities.


Belli is the leader in researching safe pregnancy skin care products for expectant or nursing mothers, their babies and those considering pregnancy.  Belli is the only company in the world to perform teratology screening of our ingredients to help guard against birth defects. Our higher safety standards make Belli the #1 recommended brand by OB/GYNs.  Every Belli product is allergy tested, free of synthetic dyes and paraben preservatives.


Quick Facts

According to the March of Dimes, in 705 of birth defects the cause is still unknown

The average woman uses over 200 ingredients on her skin per day.  Small amounts are absorbed into the bloodstream where they pass into the fetal circulation.

Belli Skincare is the only skincare line in the world that offers teratology screening – a higher safety standard that guard against ingredients with remote links to birth defects.

To watch Belli on Tuesday's show of The Doctors, visit http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/local_listings

for local listings.



About Belli (www.belliskincare.com)

Founded by Jason Rubin MD and Annette Rubin in 2002, Belli offers a total wellness approach by offering products that feature the pampering benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy with the heightened screening of a medical company.  Belli products are sold at national retailers including Pottery Barn Kids, Mother Works, baby/maternity boutiques, fine spas, and a growing number of physician offices. The entire line can be found on bellicosmetics.com, along with helpful educational articles that teach women about the skin care concerns of pregnancy, motherhood, and infancy.  Celebrity fans of the line include Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Rebecca Romijn and Tori Spelling. 

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