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Foster Child Surprise!
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Every day with Moms on the Move, I am reminded of the importance of mothers in our society. I pray, continuously, that I can help elevate their status in our world. In fact, something happened to me a couple weeks ago that made me realize how devastating life is for a child who has never had the experience of a loving mother.

I was in Los Angeles taping for the upcoming Moms on the Move series and I met Krystina, a 17 year old foster child who had been abused by her biological parents, left homeless and then passed around to about 20 foster homes. She was one of the thousands of teenage girls who received a prom dress at the LA Nicole Miller store because of Sharon Stone, the actress, and her sister Kelly who have an organization called Planet Hope that help undeserved kids.

During my interview with Krystina at the store, she told me her sad story. I said, “Krystina, what do you want?” She said, “I want to be Governor of California so I can change the foster care laws in this state to protect innocent children. Most of all, right now, I just want to have a family that I can love and be loved because I never had that.”

Then, this incredible young girl looked into my eyes with her own eyes, wounded but filled with hope and a strong spirit and said, “Will you adopt me?”

I called my husband when I returned to my hotel and told him about her. In a matter of days, Krystina came to visit our family and all of the kids loved her as much as my husband and me.

It’s not every day when you spring a new teenager on your own kids but together with my husband, we told them that if we, as a family, cannot open our loving home to a wonderful child who got a raw deal in life, than what hope is there for the other hundreds of thousands foster children in our country?

So, on this Mother’s Day, as the love and appreciation flows around your family because of “the best mom in the world,” that you have, maybe there is someone who needs your motherly love who may not be in your family yet. It could just be someone who lost their mom or has a mother living far away would benefit from being around your own loving family on this special day.

I’ll keep you posted on Krystina and keep us posted on your great work!

Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day!

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