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BugabikeWhoever said a two year old needed training wheels? That's because they haven't met the makers of the Bugabike, a fun and efficient bicycle that will contribute to the development of your child's motor skills. The Bugabike's concept of no pedals allows for your little one to learn balance before their actual biking years.

It didn't take long before my three year old was zooming around on the Bugabike. The sense of confidence and independence that he exuded was absolutely remarkable. Constructed with handmade wooden wheels, the Bugabike's body is made of birch polywood, pneumatic tires (just like a real bike), rubber hand grips, and high grade steel fittings. The Bugabike efficiently comes assembled with nothing but a front piece installation required. Don't worry about weight. It may look heavy but the Bugabike is only 8Ibs so it's great for those family outings to the park.

The Bugabike also conveniently adjusts to children of different heights and sizes (preferably ages 2 to 6). For interested moms, the Bugabike is available on Amazon and comes in quite a few color choices. Visit Bugabike's official website to learn more about this great product!
Cost: $289.00

Company Information: Bugabike

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