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Woobee BlanketsEveryone needs a Woobee!

Kids and babies love their blankets; but Moms and Dads love Woobee blankets too! Woobee blankets are not only super soft and cuddly, but they are also multifunctional. Available in fun and funky prints and styles, these blankets are an all-in-one must-have.

One side of the Woobee blanket is water resistant while the other side is perfect for snuggling. There are ties (in fun fabrics of course) that keep the Woobee blanket in place. Whether on a stroller, an infant carrier, or in a car seat, your baby will never be without her Woobee blanket. And, moms won’t have to pick it up off the dirty floor! Nursing moms can also cover up using a Woobee blanket and use the straps as security to make sure baby’s not distracted and mom’s not exposed. Finally a blanket that is trendy and practical!

Mom Tip: Check out the other great Woobee products. The stylish bibs have the same water resistant material on one side, so spills do not leak through the bib and onto your baby’s clothes.
Cost: $70.00

Company Information: These Two Girls

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