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Time Out SpotsThe perfect spot for Time Out!

Sometimes putting a child in Time Out is easier said than done. But with consistent expectations, and a regular routine by both the parent and the child, Time Outs can be more successful. The Time Out Spot is a practical and effective discipline tool to use to manage unwanted behaviors.

With a small labeled rug that can be placed anywhere, your child will have a predetermined place to spend a few minutes. No more chairs being moved around, no more jumping off the bottom step. Instead, the Time Out Spot provides a safe place for peace and reflection. Available in pink, blue and brown/tan, Time Out Spots are recommended for use with children 18 months and up. They also work great in classrooms or other settings.

Mom Tip: Know and understand how to use Time Outs effectively as a part of your discipline strategy with your children. The Time Out Spot is a wonderful tool to help support your routine, but in order to be effective you must be consistent with your discipline.
Cost: $22.00

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