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Monster SprayIím not afraid!

Many children fear monsters or other imaginary creatures. Their fears will often result in a lack of sleep for them, and for the rest of the family. Although there are many causes for their fears, Monster Spray is a great solution to help keep the scary things away.

By simply spraying Monster Spray in your childís room, under her bed, or anywhere scary things may be, you will help to ease her fears. The spray also contains essential oils of lavender and pure vanilla fragrance to help facilitate sleep. Itís great for moms and dads too!

Mom Tip: Although the monsters may not be real, your childís fears are. Listen to your child and discuss details of the monster. Talk about Monster Spray and how it ALWAYS worked for you as a child and will work for this monster too. And, if youíre running low on Monster Spray, be sure to order more before you run out!
Cost: $14.95

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