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Nursing BraceletHow long ago did I feed her?

New moms know that the first few weeks with a baby can be so tiring and it can be hard to keep track of a babyís routine. Nursing moms not only need to keep track of when their baby last ate, but also from which side they fed. Luckily, Go Baby Nursing Bracelets are a fashionable and fun way to help nursing moms keep track.

Nursing bracelets are not only functional, but they are also adorable. With a variety of colored beads to help differentiate time, and a small movable charm, you can be trendy without giving away your secret aide.

Mom Tip: You can use a Nursing Bracelet for other things besides nursing. It works great for bottle feeding, diaper changes, or even as a reminder to do something later in the day thatís not even baby related!
Cost: $29.00

Company Information: Go Baby

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