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Mind Body Spirit Interviews

William Henry & The Secrets of Sion Continued

William Henry & The Secrets of Sion

Real Life “National Treasure” Uncovered in the U.S. Capitol

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Spirit Healing Testimonials

I can't tell you how much it meant to me, and how motivated I was when I left yesterday. I am inspired by everything we talked about, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. I am happy ... Read More

I had an instant feeling that I needed to talk to Linda even though I had no idea that she is a psychic. Without knowing a single thing about me she right away told me about my complicated ... Read More

I had never met Linda and yet I knew the voice on the phone was positively Peace and Love. I had been filled with so many raw emotions as we began our conversation but within moments the awareness ... Read More

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Linda’s Spirit Healing Sessions

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Heal Your Spirit!

Years ago, I acquired the gift of “Spirit Healing” and will now be sharing it publicly in the hope of helping more people.

I have found that the “Spirit Healing” that is channeled through me can help viewers as well as the recipients of my sessions. Healing energy has no boundaries. Learn More

Linda’s Spirit Healing Sessions

Teresa connects with family and finds her voice
Linda sits down with Teresa, mother of two to connect her with loved ones as well as discovers how a childhood incident has effected her adult life.
A new family pet sparks a new career

Husband and Wife reconnect on the other side

Advice from the guides: How to get through the teenage years

Rape: Why is it so Important to Forgive the Abuser?
Spirit Healing with AnneMarie
Abortion: Why Must you Forgive Yourself?
Spirit Healing with AnneMarie
Our Guides help us Focus on the Present
Spirit Healing with AnneMarie
Who are Our Guides on the Other Side?
Video 1 from Spirit Healing with Laura
What does Forgiving a Family Member Do?
Spirit Healing with Laura- Video 2
When we are Good to Ourselves, What Happens?
Video 3 from Spirit Healing with Laura
A Father who has Crossed Over, gives Critical Advice
Video 4 from Spirit Healing with Laura
Dementia- Where is their mind going?
Video 5 from Spirit Healing with Laura
What Happens When you Allow Joy into your Life?
Video 6 from Spirit Healing with Laura

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